DroidVPN is a best VPN software that can be easily used on Android devices

DroidVPN is a best VPN software that can be easily used on Android devices.

Our VPN service can adjust all your Internet traffic from your Android device to our server, thereby helping you lift local Internet restrictions, filter the Internet, bypass firewalls and browse the web anonymously.

DroidVPN differs from other VPN applications in that it can establish tunnel traffic through ICMP (IP over ICMP)

This means you can browse the Internet even if you are only allowed to send ping requests and the firewall prevents Internet browsing.

Before using the new version of DroidVPN, you must log in to our website to update your account and enter your username.

Notes and Reminders

If the device is no longer connected after updating to the latest version, you must restart the device.

* For all users who use our application to get free Internet, the comments posted by these users will not work properly. Please understand that if you cannot connect to your IP, you will encounter problems.

* Free accounts are limited to 100 MB per day, and you can only log in to free servers.

* If you want to use all servers and remove the limit of 100 MB per day, you need to subscribe

* If you use any available RAM / task management program, please add DroidVPN to the exclusion list to prevent DroidVPN from loading into memory.

• 1 Click to connect via widget
• Give you unlimited speed
• Encrypt your internet traffic
• Unblock website
• Transmit tunnel IP traffic via ICMP or UDP (ICMP only works on rooted devices)
• Sometimes they can contact paid hotspots for free
• Save network traffic by compressing data
• Block all annoying ads on the Internet

1. Android 4.0 and below require root.
2. On Android phones below 4.0, you need tun.ko for your phone to run normally. (Please refer to our “TUN.ko installer”)
3. DroidVPN account Sign up for free here
4. Normal Internet connection. DroidVPN will not replace your ISP.

1. Enter your registered email address and received password.
2. If you are using a free account, please change the server to “free server” by clicking the logo.
3. Press the big connect button.
4. When the message “DroidVPN is now connected” appears, press the “Home” or “Back” button.
5. Now, you can start browsing and make all Internet connections through our VPN server.

Features to be added soon:
– Proxy Authentication

If you have a problem, please feel free to email us or report a problem with the application to help us solve your problem.


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