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Download the latest WhatsApp APK [ stable and beta]

Download the latest WhatsApp APK [ stable and beta]

Whimsical messaging app, the best friend of millions of mobile users, is finally getting an update that will make it even more interesting.

Users will be able to enjoy all the benefits that the popular app had till recently. In this article we will see what is in store for them in the latest version. Read on to find out what is in store for you when you download the latest WhatsApp APK.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK

It is known to everyone thatWhatsapp is one of the most powerful and popular free chat and messaging apps available on the mobile platform. It has been in existence for quite some time now and has a lot of loyal users. If you too want to make use of the app successfully then you must download the latest WhatsApp APK to your android device from the Play Store. For a very long period.

People were also using other chat programs on their android phones and whatsapp as a result it did not offer certain features like video calls and free voice calling but this is about to change. This text based app will soon be competing with the likes of Yahoo messenger and Skype.

Emojis are a huge part of whatsapp. You can use these emojis to express various things like you are happy or you are upset with someone. You can also send them via email.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK [ stable and beta]

There are many cool features in the whatsapp latest version that you will surely love to tap into. Apart from the usual emoticons, you will also get a large variety of emojis that you can use in order to express whatever emotion you wish to.

The biggest advantage of using the whatsapp latest version for your android device is that it allows you to customize it according to your own preferences. For example, you can use a variety of fonts to customize the looks of the texts. Moreover, you will get to choose between small, medium and large size images.

You can also change the colour palette of your text chats. Apart, from all these exciting features, the whatsapp app for android offers a lot more. Apart from the standard features that we have already mentioned above, the latest version of this messaging app gives you a lot more such as the option to browse the internet, you can check your email inbox, you can share images and videos.

You can invite your friends and contacts to join you on the whatsapp chat, you can see your recent messages, you can mute the annoying people and you can delete the messages that you don’t want to see anymore.

In order to download the latest Whatsapp APK files for your android device, you need an android and file transfer program. There are many such programs available in the market but the only problem is that they might not be compatible with your android phone or tablet.

Since you will most likely be downloading the latest version of this application, it is necessary that the program is able to run on these devices. This is why you need to download the latest whatsapp apk files that would allow you to run this application on your phone.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK [ stable and beta]

For the last few months, millions of people all over the world have been talking about this new app that has been gaining popularity very quickly. It allows you to chat with your friends and family members using a simple text message interface. With a single tap, you can easily send any type of message including a video clip, a music track and even wallpaper.

The latest whatsapp version is the version 3.3 and you can now download the latest version of this chat application from the official website of the company through which you can chat with other users.

After downloading the latest whatsapp a file, you can easily start chatting with your friends and family members.

Another great feature that this latest whatsapp apk file enables you to enjoy is the video calling features that it provides. The free voice calling option provided by the app is one of the most innovative features that one can enjoy from using this particular mobile messaging app.

With just a simple video call, you can instantly connect with your loved ones in any corner of the world. To take video calling, you need to download and install the Skype for android device software which is also provided by the company.

If you think that this free Voice Over IP calling feature is enough, you are wrong as there is much more that you can enjoy with the latest version of this messaging app.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK [ stable and beta]

The latest version of this chat application enables you to create a profile which helps you to add friends and share pictures as well. In addition, you can invite your friends to join your customized group.

From the group, you can now share videos and photos. In this manner, you get to enjoy the real calling feature of the whatsapp application in a totally new light.

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