Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

Use red light to preserve night vision.
Display a red screen on the phone to turn on the lights at night without affecting your night vision.

Suitable for camping, astronomy and other activities ???

I wrote this small application because I needed it, and now I share it.

– Regular lighting
– Small download
– No ads

The red light turns red on the phone screen, you can use this light to create a good mood in your room.

Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

In this application, you can change the desired tone (red version), and the desired screen will be activated. The screen will be brightened.

All colors of red light are optimized to show strong bright effects.

Red light psychology

Red is the best color for fire blood, so it is related
Red is a very emotional color that can improve the body’s metabolism, enhance breathing, and increase blood pressure. It is very obvious, so stop signs, traffic lights and fire extinguishers are usually painted red.

Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

In heraldry red is used to indicate adventure It is the best color among many national flags.

The red at the top shows the text image Use it as a bold color to inspire people to make quick decisions.

This is the ideal color for websites that use Buy now or click the button here In advertising, red is often used to stimulate stimulation (red lips, red nails, circles with red lights Lady Red etc.).

Red is widely used to indicate danger (high voltage, traffic light signs).

This color is usually related to energy, so you can use it for energy drinks, games, cars, sporting goods to promote high-level training.

Light red represents pleasure, sex, passion, sensitivity and love.

Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

Roses represent romance, love and friendship It refers to the negative emotions of femininity.

Crimson is associated with strength, willpower, anger, anger, leadership, courage, desire, hatred and anger.

Brown said that stability refers to male quality.

Reddish brown refers to the autumn harvest.

Redmid allows you to create the desired pulse on the screen with maximum brightness (0 to 30 Hz) for a specific period of time, thereby creating a red light on the screen of the device.

Red light has been shown to have therapeutic effects, and some studies have shown that when 10 Hz vibration is a good starting point for the pulse, red light has a greater effect than static light.

Download Red Light Video For KineMaster Editing 2020

The software allows you to turn off the entire broadcast of the device (activate the flight mode) and mute the sound without increasing the therapeutic effect of the tug.

When cells are exposed to red light, ROS (reactive oxygen species) and NO (nitrous oxide) are added to increase the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).


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