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Download FreeTone Free Calls & Texting App Apk

Unlimited free calls and text messages to all phone numbers in the US and Canada.

Free new numbers and voice mail. No trial, no hidden costs-completely free!

• Get your real phone number via voicemail
• 100% free calls to the US and Canada-No credit
• Enjoy free text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS)


FreeTone is the best free phone and texting app to give you the ultimate experience of high quality internet calling Unlike other free phone applications, you don’t need to win or pay for credit calls Just call any phone in the US or Canada for free, landline and mobile calls.


• Use your personal number for your Android phone for free
• Free calls to all phone numbers in the US and Canada
• Any number of free text messages (real text messages)

• Easy login via email, Facebook or Google
• Report access to your account on all devices
• Easy group messaging, free HD calls and video chat

• BETTER More free unlimited text calling app
• BETTER Best call quality and speed between VoIP applications
• BETTER I do use free text in 40 countries


■ Send and receive great MMS, photos and videos from your Android smartphone or tablet on any device.
■ Invite your friends to use FreeTone to enjoy free video calls with them.
■ Send messages and voicemails to easily share photos and videos with your contacts.
■ Use group messaging to easily share your text, photos and videos with a group of friends.


Despite similar plans, you don’t have to pay any fees or get credit for US or Canadian numbers whether they use the same app or not Watch out for their exquisite prints! FreeTone does not charge for phone calls in the United States and Canada Just call for free, no text messages.


▪ Select your favorite area code when registering
▪ Make and receive toll-free calls in the United States and Canada
▪ Save a few minutes on your phone with new numbers and voicemail

• Send free text messages (SMS) and photos (MMS)
• Share photos, posters, group texts with everyone
• Free text for Mexico, Dominica, Brazil and more than 40 countries

• Enjoy wireless calls and use a tablet (like a real phone)
• Easily dial and dial international numbers
• Invite friends to unlock HD video chats and much more!

☆ Unlimited calls and text messages between FreeTone users
☆ Free calls to more than 200 countries around the world
☆ Free SMS and International SMS
☆ Get the real phone number, you don’t need a SIM card
☆ Add a new line to your phone

Free WiFi Calls & Text Messages

With FreeTone you can make unlimited calls and texts to any phone number worldwide without paying anything Conversation and messaging between TalkU users is completely free!

• Free international calls to over 200 locations worldwide
• Dial any mobile / landline phone number in more than 200 countries
• Ultra-low rates, saving 90% on international calls
• Stay connected with family and friends wherever when we you FreeTone
• Free calls to India, Bangladesh, China, USA, Nigeria, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Germany, France, Kuwait, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, etc.

Crystal Clear Phone Calls

With a dedicated VoIP network and high-quality HD voice technology, FreeTone calls are always obvious. Free calls are no longer of low quality!

Other Awesome Features

● Caller ID-Select the phone number displayed when dialing
● Call Recorder-record calls for future viewing
● Call forwarding-send calls to any number you want
● Group Call-Free Group Conference Call
● Call Blocking-Block unwanted and fraudulent calls
● Voicemail-Custom Voicemail Greeting
● Instant messaging-share your photos, videos, contacts and locations
● Walkie Talkie-Turn your phone into a walkie talkie Stop talking!

Hope to meet you soon!

Limitation factor:

• For calls to the US and Canada, using FreeTone is free
• Hawaii, Alaska, and some other regions do not rely on the free plan
• Free text in Latin America is subject to a balanced policy of fair use of inbound / outbound traffic
• For calls to your personal number, the first 500 minutes are free and you can receive calls to your FreeTone number with the lowest renewal fee
• Free registration and phone calls to the U.S. and Canada only for U.S. and Canadian residents
• We do not support 911
• Comply with FreeTone terms and conditions


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