Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

AntiPhone Try a new anonymous SMS application in the “chat room” application creator.

Send anonymous text messages to friends around in the worldwide
How many times have you considered asking a friend anonymously? E.g:

Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

“Do you like girls?”
“Are you in a relationship?”
“I see you cheating”
and many more

Legal solution

Unfortunately, there are basically no tools for anonymous legal writing, but there is another way:

(1) We purchase a unique UK phone number for you for free
(2) This number becomes your personal virtual mobile number
(3) You can send and receive text messages with a second phone number without worrying about leaking your personal information
(4) If your friend answered your new UK number-you will receive all their messages in the app
(5) If you decide to reinstall the application, you can get a second phone number via email

Is it free?

Each new user gets 4,000 (four thousand kama) for free, which allows you to get:
• The second phone number of the month
• Send and receive up to 20 anonymous text messages

All of us have trouble sharing thoughts, emotions, confessions, secret pressures, jokes, and adult conversations without showing the reaction of friends, family, and everyone in the chat room.

Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

In addition, modern chat shows and web tools have become very personal for boys and girls around the world who want to talk freely without judgment.

We all felt that our colleagues and family members were contaminated under the magnifying glass.

Join “Anonymous Anonymous Chat”

A truly anonymous and secure group discussion program that helps you disguise your secret identity, make friends online and meet new people.

Talk to friends and strangers instantly, share and discover secrets, whisper and gossip, enjoy free adult dating and confession … in private, without losing anonymity.

Compared to most chat apps, the Anti Chat app is better, bigger, more secure and makes new friends for free.

Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

It scrutinizes the inappropriate content that foreign users may generate Chat rooms are completely secure and anonymous. Messages are encrypted and self-destructive based on your needs.

Our anonymous chat application will create animal avatar aliases to play the perfect role and make friends So you are now free to express yourself

Meet random strangers from the United States, Britain, India, China, Taiwan, Russia, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand in hundreds of interesting anonymous conversations. Ask the question frankly. Share secrets, date or spend time with interesting people. No one will judge you, because no one can reveal your real name.

## Why prevent calls? ##

61,600,000+ interesting people in the worldwide Meeting room 1000+ group chat rooms in 32 international languages for learning and interracial dating

Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

😻 More than 100 cute avatars to choose from to use as your secret identity 70 moderators who are discussing and forum
💪 Version The first version of Stealthy’s AntiChat was introduced in Product Hunt as the first Messenger app for Android.

It has no name.

✭ No spam, No stories, No ads, No risks, It’s fun ✭

Against everything related to dialogue and text, they date once and communicate in the simplest, most independent way possible. This private app can connect to everyone for free and play for everyone, regardless of your gender, religion or nationality!


• Message: SMS and anonymous chat

• Get or provide honest, anonymous feedback Can be anyone!

• People usually say something anonymously.


☆ Send anonymous text to everyone in the app or via text message

☆ Your shared link to receive anonymous messages

☆ Free anonymous in-app messages (anonymous reply)

☆ Text notification and delivery invoice

☆ SMS user (received from phone number)

☆ International support, send SMS to any country

Download AntiPhone Free Anonymous Unlimited SMS APK

The text message will be sent by AntiPhone

* With a reply link.

* In some places where sender identity blocking is not allowed, use a local number instead of AntiPhone.

Note : You must not use this service for illegal activities.



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