Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK

Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK

2nd Number provides you with a second phone number as a burn line on your smartphone, so you can make calls and text messages individually and work separately.

Adding a second phone number to this phone calling app makes it easy to connect with family, colleagues or customers without the hassle of buying a second phone or adding a second SIM card.

The next time you need to talk to someone but don’t want to share your real phone number, remember that you can find a second phone number in the second phone number application With just a few steps, you can make unlimited calls and text messages.

Special life and work

With your local second-line phone number, you can perfectly separate work from private life in the future by adding a burn line Therefore, if someone calls you through the hotline, or if you call a customer, you will also know how to respond, and you can also choose to call the hotline while your personal phone number is still private.

Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK

Unlimited texting and calling

With this second-line Android app, text messages and unlimited calls, you can get a second phone number via Wi-Fi or your mobile data for $ 9.99 per month or contact other mobile users. The second line is completely free.

Chapter as a regular call

The 2nd Number is influenced by its proprietary technology (whether local or international), which is much cheaper than usual and maintains high sound quality. Create your own dedicated second line in just a few steps Download a bit and save a package yourself.


Have you ever been disturbed by these situations?
Want to provide your phone number, but isn’t it true?
Excited about promotions or advertisements, but can’t you stop them?
Want to contact a temporary question, but don’t want to disclose your personal number?

Many of us are more or less concerned about such things. In the second line, you can provide a second phone number to correct all calls No personal phone number was disclosed, and there were no issues or inconveniences. Once you are done, you can burn it at any time or keep it for as long as you like.

Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK

Powerful Features for ONLY $9.99/month:
• Free unlimited texting and calling: unlimited calling and texting from any mobile phone or landline worldwide
• Premium calling: Clear sound quality enhances your calling experience
• Custom Voicemail: Record a custom voicemail to ask the caller to leave a message
• Spam blocking: stop spam once and for all
• Call forwarding: Send your calls directly to any number you want in just a few steps
• Call log: record every incoming and outgoing call while maintaining sound quality
• Ad-free experience: Enjoy unlimited calls and texts without being interrupted by ads

The 2nd Number is free to download and a 3-day free trial is available. Feel free to choose one of our millions of phone numbers and enjoy all the above features for $ 9.99 per month.

Local US /Canada/UK Phone number
Sign up for social apps with UK phone numbers via dial keys!

Local US /Canada/UK Phone number
Call your friends your phone number!

Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging
You can send many text messages to the US and Canada for free!

Unlimited Calling to USA and Canada
Unlimited free calls to any phone number in the US and Canada!

Cheap International Calling
Toll free offers affordable international calls to more than 230 countries. Fares start at as low as $ 0.01 per minute and can be kept longer. Make money or earn free money by completing bids on your account and making low-cost international calls.

Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK


■ Make and receive voice calls
■ Call forwarding
■ Signature: Add your own signature in each text
■ Custom text, ringtones and vibrations
■ Custom wallpaper
■ Assign individual ringtone contacts and their background
■ Quick response, easy (quick) response to friends
■ Home screen widget to launch FreeNumber, compose new message or quick call
■ Unified Unified Box: Send and receive your SMS
■ Multiple calls-Send messages and make calls on your computer or tablet, then log in from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
■ Turn your Wi-Fi tablet into a phone.

Is it really free?

No gain, No annual or monthly fees! It’s free!

Download 2nd Second Phone Number for Texts Calls APK

And start sending and receiving unlimited text, photos, videos and messages.


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