Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

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Season 2 starts with Peacock

(1) Ardakrul trilis (all asons in Urdu)
(2) Usman Institute
(2) Mahemagic Kudu Jafar
(4) Desert Lion
(5) Ottoman Empire Revival
(6) Drilis Ertugrul Ghazi plays a Turkish soldier.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

The hero of Turkish drama is the historical protagonist Ardakrul Qazi (Ertugrul Ghazi) Ertugrul Ghazi, the protagonist of the Turkish TV series Alcoculin Relay Tour, is the true father and leader of the Toman Empire and cow breeds.

Our main purpose is to tell the true story of Muslim hero Ardakrul told by Turkish hero Trid Ertugrul Ghazi

In our app, review the Turkish history of the Turkish series Trilis Ertugrul Ghazi Our publications on the Crusades and the war against Mongolia The application provides various interesting cultural activities such as war, emperor and life on earth.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

The Turkish series assured Ardakrul that he was still alive His life is full of wars and adventures He is the father of Ottoman I, who was the founder and father of the Toman Empire. He was discussed in the Turkish play “Ertugrul Ghazi”.

Turkish TV season Drilis Ertugrul Ghazi, Turkish drama season, Ertugrul Ghazi and Turkish drama season We discussed the main characters of Ertugrul Ghazi story and this tortured life and events.

Watch Dirilis Ertugral Season 2 for free with English and Urdu subtitles

Dirilis Ertugrul season 2 summary

In the second season, the Mongols attacked the Kai tribe again. Therefore, the Kai tribe had to split again Kai Obasi took refuge in Doderg Obasi He proposed to be hospitable here In this attack, the Mongols captured Baku Nuana Ertugrul Ghazi.

Ertugral tried to escape Neon’s confusion because he tried to expose the betrayal, but he failed to escape Instead, he was trapped by the gaze

However, Gumstekin B (Atolan’s brother) and Korkut’s brother wanted to find Ertugural. Later, Tolan, Gumastekin and his daughters Ertugrul Ghazi and the Alps invaded the Mongols. They met Kai Alp as they walked around Daly Demir and Halim Hatoon

Ertugrul Ghazi Kaun Tha (full documentary)

Near the end of the season, Artragrul Helmie moved to Bilik with her.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

What followed was that it became the responsibility of the displaced to become Ertugrul.

Now, the Kyrgyz tribe is divided into two parts One of them is under Ertugrul’s control, which is responsible for immigration. Ertugrul does not understand the trading system, so the tribe faces many difficulties Therefore, Ertugગre arranged for another person who knew more about his transaction.

During this period, the Yoke tribe started trading with Ertugrul because it was the most powerful tribe in Anatolia. Jandar Bay and his children Ural, Aslihan and Aliyar lead the tribe

They are very skilled in trade When the son of Jander Bir (Jander Bir), Ural bends, he wants to attack the enemy of Altoglu Road with the help of Saidtin Kope (Saidtin Kope). Jander Bay tried to stop his son, but when he stopped him from doing so, he angrily arrested the women of the convoy and robbed Halim and Aslihan Hatton ( Aslihan Hatun). Ganduz was on the verge of a brief death. After that, Ertugrul Ghazi came suddenly and Bialik defeated Hanley Pazer.

After this victory, Ertugrul Ghazi ordered the execution of Ural Be, because he killed Takshak in Karchakhasir and killed the Alps in Ertugrul Ghazi, but later in Vasilius (The new ruler of Karkahisar) was released with the help of Vasilius fought the war before the Turks.

Ertugrul Ghazi is not dead, but in fact, he was arrested by a slave trader. Asha Hali’s uncle Bahadur Bir asked for help.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

Dandar Bir Ertugrul Ghazi death is affirmed. Therefore, he became Killer’s BE and wanted to sell Henley Market.

Brave Bay betrayed Ertugrul Ghazi. Therefore, Ertugrul killed him and conquered Thrift. On one occasion, Kopek betrayed Ertugural, which endangered the Seljuk Empire, but due to the conquest of Carakahisar, he rebelled against Kopek. Later, Etugruer approached the God of War, he arrested him and asked Kopek to make a false confession to the Sultan.

Sultan later expelled Kopek The god of war was converted according to Islam and became Ahmed. Ertugural made him his spy. The meeting with Sultan Ertugral tried to explain the misunderstanding of the Kopec attack But Kopek poisoned Sudan and he died.

Sultan’s wife Mahapari Hatun wanted to make her son a Sultan, but he deceived Kopek After the death of the sultan, Jadan (the son of Mahaparai Hatun)

Basmati was also captured by the Albanians, but El Tuglar killed Alinac and Captain Dragos and saved it. When Dragos was hanged, Belobet betrayed Dragos. Bamsi Sogat was injured in the fighting in the mosque. In addition, Etugur forgave him.

Dirilis Ertugral Ghazi Turkish Watch Drama In HD

Ertugrul Ghazi and Iblas thought bibollt was albasti, and later admitted to themselves. Therefore, Ertugurul attacked Bayboot, but he jumped into the river and was rescued by Hulagu Khan commander Aribuka.

Dumrul and Margen were killed in the battle. In addition, Ertugul was injured and captured. When Gondogu learned that Turgut was injured, he was taken to the Mershah tribe and went to the battlefield Later, Basmati, Gundogu, Gunduz and Guzikute found Ertugrul Ghazi.


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