Defence Day Of Pakistan – 6 September 1965 – Photo PNG

Defence Day Of Pakistan – 6 September 1965 – Photo PNG

This application invites you to join me in commemorating the sacrifice made in the Youm-e-Difa military on 6 September 2020, by creating beautiful special greeting cards, incredible photo booths with photos and messages and sharing your thoughts And place faces on your cover.

All the illustrated greeting cards and badges can be decorated with matching numbers To this end, a large number of figures are included In addition, you can edit the current exercise information and add a personal identification name In addition, you may be able to use native images to create photo collages for social media writing.

All these editing tasks are done in an easy-to-use photo library and map editor.

Finally, the application allows you to send multiple messages and social media platforms, one-click storage and share creations with friends and family in the album.

Defence Day Of Pakistan – 6 September 1965 – Photo PNG

All these Pakistan Defense Day applications, called Youm e Difa, will provide excellent expertise to create an effective Art Day celebration project for the celebration of September 6, 1965. Your friends, family and supporters.

We encourage you to install this code of conduct and make the commemoration of Pakistan Day memorable In addition, we hope that you can share this wonderful application with your friends and family, making September 6, 1965 a day to commemorate the sacrifice our troops made to the international community.

Features :
1. This is a multifunctional application for designing “Pakistan Day” celebrations, the application is associated with photo studios, gifts and social media photo signs.

2. A large collection of Pakistani photo frames and dog days related to greeting cards and using urdu buttons

3. Most maps can be configured to use land and mobile phone information for personalized settings.

4. You can use local images to create thumbnails for social media posts.

5. The exquisite logo related to Pakistan’s National Defense Day has an impact on the artwork.

6. The application contains templates for storing your photos and greeting cards.

7. The application allows you to share your personal photos and greeting cards with your friends and family with one click through the social media platform.

Defence Day Of Pakistan – 6 September 1965 – Photo PNG

How To Use :
– Choose and choose from the languages ​​provided (Urdu, English)
– Click to select frame, number or card
– Preview all photos, frames, cards and numbers of your choice
– Import photos from the gallery and place them in front of the screen layout message card
– Implement and save changes to the album
– Share with family and friends via social networks

Let us remember our heroes, who gave us freedom after suffering and sacrifice to celebrate and enjoy the freedom of peace and freedom in our country.

Yaum-e Difa held every September 6th, after the first ceremony held on the same day in 1965. On 6th September 1965, Indian troops crossed the border and launched an offensive against the Punjabi of Pakistan.

Defence Day Of Pakistan – 6 September 1965 – Photo PNG

The Pakistani Alliance attacked Kashmir in Pakistan March 23, Pakistan Day, Youm-e-Difa, Tanks, War, War August 14, the day of the Apocalypse is daily affairs and national affairs.

6 September 2020 is National Defense Flag Day, September 6, 2010 is National Defense Day or Pakistan’s Yanmi Diffa, the army dedicated the country’s national day of security and respect for our day of truth on 6, September 1965 The hero of our country.


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