Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

The inspiration comes from our daily lives when using photos to record life.

Should we also use color to capture life?

Collect your favorite colors now!

Collect colors is the color medium of the real world. When choosing a color for the image, manually adjust the circle to get a better shadow. As long as you can see the colors, the software will detect them for you.

Difficult to decide the color on the image?

The random selection mode will check your odds The following random color feature will introduce all the options that can be easily done for you.

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

The colors of the application apply to:

– Drawing and drawing

– PowerPoint design

– Media social network and art advertising website

– Interface user interface design

– Design Manual

– Furniture December

– Adjust clothes

– Basic collection can basically help you in the following aspects:

– Lawney color analysis

Random colors from library lists such as inspiration library, Chinese and Japanese colors

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

The camera displays the Paauki palette from time to time

Support four-color compatibility suggestions

Pallets recommended for you every day

Split happy color ring

Multiple worksheets to remember the coloring time

Print a monochrome wall with color names, hexadecimal numbers, etc.

Management Management Panel

Search palette based on color and theme palette

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

Prepare an existing palette to further improve for you

Write notes

In order to better improve it, Color Collect Pro allows you to:

All color schemes

All beautiful palette libraries with 800 palettes

All files display

All palette sharing options

Color restrictions

Palette and search name

Professional license for pallets in Pro

Collect Color is a free application with a free purchase period.

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

Finding the right color for your bedroom has never been easier! Display the phone’s camera in the background and see the same color.

Check the type of combination, adjust the color and save the best color.

Find 4 suitable colors and use 10 different algorithms to choose the color settings in the taste. Find them and color alliance!

Features :
– Multiple colors (RGB, HSV, RAL, CMYK)
– Different color matching algorithms
– Adjust color in camera mode
– Harmoniously find 4 suitable colors
– Convert colors to RAL (European Color Matching System)
– Switch samples to favorites
– Clear and visible amazing design
– Support Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch (.aco) format

Color Video Tamplate With Music – For Video Editing

Real Color Mixer imitates actual paint combinations (such as oil or paint) in different proportions, allowing you to preview new colors without mixing actual paint patterns.

Does not include color (this is the system used in the RGB color scheme) Learn to combine red, green and blue in the original color match without causing white or black For example, depending on the hue used to combine, you can get a darker.


Download Color Temp


Download F16 Arcraft

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