Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

No ADS application is fully compatible with WhatsApp.

If you crash WhatsApp with another cloned application choose a clone application.

We can ensure the stable operation of WhatsApp clones. Clone and run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Fast, it’s free, not free!

● Clone and run multiple accounts at once in the same application, and use the theme to design your own unique space.

● As one of the best Android tools, the Clone application can help more than 90 million users start multiple devices at the same time and show their style.

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

It also protects user privacy by making “invisible installation” applications on the device visible. In addition, users can customize the cloning application theme and parallel space theme to create their space style.

The clone application supports 24 languages ​​and is compatible with most Android applications.

Get the clone app now to manage multiple accounts, protect your privacy and customize your space.

★ Sign in to multiple social media applications or game accounts on the same device

• Get a balance between the user ’s life and work.
• Enjoy dual user experience and more online gaming experience.
• Almost all applications support the second account in the parallel space.
• The data on both accounts will not interfere with each other.

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

★ Invisible installation makes the application visible on the device, thereby protecting user privacy

• Hide users secret apps without worrying about hiding them and keeping them secret.
• Protect users privacy through security locks.

★ Create custom spaces by applying themes

• Theme storage has been integrated into the “Clone” application, and a custom theme list is ready for users to apply in their spatial style.
• Use unique themes to design unique spaces. Users can quickly change different themes according to their mood.

★ One-click quick account change

• Activate two accounts at a time and then quickly click with one key to effectively manage different accounts.

★ The most important items:
• Powerful, stable and easy to use.
• Unique: The Clone application is based on the first Android
• Application virtualization engine multiDroid.

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

• Permissions: Cloning applications requires the permissions necessary for the normal operation of applications added to the parallel space.

For example, if the clone application does not have the right to purchase your location, you may not be able to use the clone function to send the location to friends in some applications.

The clone application will not collect your personal information to protect your privacy.

• User: Cloning applications does not require much memory, battery and data applications.

You can view detailed information in the “Warehouse” and “Task Manager”, and you can find “Settings” in the parallel space.

• Notifications-Add the cloned application to the “Enhanced Applications” list in the hot tub or a separate list to make notifications work on social media.

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

• Conflict: You cannot use two accounts with the same phone number on some social media applications To create a second account for these applications, you must use a different mobile number in the “Clone” application and ensure that mobile messages are sent to that number (if the message is active at the first access point). .

Good Point:

* Many WhatsApp

WhatsApp supports multi-account editing on the phone at the same time.

* Support 64-bit applications

The 64-bit engine with independent core technology perfectly supports 64-bit applications.

* No Ads

The Clone app has no ads, is completely free, and provides users with quality services.

Download App Cloner MOD APK 2.3.3 (Premium) – For Android

* Multiplayer top account

Accept popular games and easily change multiple accounts.

* Balance life

Provide stable multi-support services for popular applications.

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