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CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

CallsUp is a simple and easy-to-use mobile application that can provide you with a second phone number.

Making a call can protect your personal phone number and prevent your personal information from being leaks.

In addition, your international call rates are the lowest, so you don’t have to worry about high rates.

Compared with other similar devices, CallsUp will not block any annoying ads, nor will it display your personal information.

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

We strive to provide customers with safe, reliable, stable and low-cost applications.

This is what you can do with “CallsUp”:
– You can easily complete the operation without a SIM card, and get a second or more phone number at a low price.

– Alternate Number You can call your personal phone number to your relatives, or send a message to the US number to protect your personal number and privacy issues and avoid disclosure.

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

– Adjust your relationship with the application so that you know who to communicate with.

– Global stability rate, high quality and low rate.

– Easily find your call records, history records;

– According to your needs, you can make free and unlimited calls abroad.

– Don’t miss the real-time push, incoming calls and text messages.

– If this bothers you, it is easy to block and block mail through the block list.

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

Packaging and price
The subscribed package includes the package, phone number, and it is not allowed to change the package type after subscription.

Unless you manually close it 24 hours in advance, the subscribed packages will automatically reconnect.

If there is no subscription, the user can purchase the package at any time, and the package will not be automatically updated.

Flexible packaging (30/90/360 d) to meet short-term or long-term needs In addition, the packaging will be expanded according to your needs.

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

Smart VoIP host
– According to the current network environment, CallsUp can adjust the bit rate in real time. Even in a 2G network, CallsUp can still provide a stable conversation.

Call anytime, anywhere
– No matter whether your friends or family members are wealthy or not, you can still connect them via telephone or landline at the highest price and highest quality.

High Security
– We take your privacy very seriously and do not allow third parties to access your data. All calls from CallsUp are highly encrypted. In some cases, you can use the “anonymous” feature to make calls.

Send phone recharge to loved ones
– Use CallsUp to easily send home phone calls to your friends and family.
– Enter the phone number, choose an amount, and then send the phone recharge directly to your loved one.

CallsUp – Second Phone Number – Calling + Texting For Android

Get free credit in many ways
Join the game of the program, if you are lucky, you will get a generous bonus.

Invite friends, you can get more exciting rewards every day Show your unique and charming voice in the ballot to win prizes. All prizes can be used as CallsUp points.

– Cannot be used in emergency situations, such as Call 911.
-.When using the Internet, calls rely on the Internet to maintain stability.
– In addition, due to the support of different countries and regions, messaging or verification services may not be available in certain regions of the country and region.


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