Browser – Adblock & Private Browser – Latest Version

Browser – Adblock & Private Browser – Latest Version

This browser is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient mobile browser.

Make your mobile life easier. Let him do all the work so he doesn’t have to do it.

This is a free portable web browser that puts the powerful functions of an open web in your hands.

Fast-Quickly access, browse and search websites

Smart-Make your favorite websites and videos at your fingertips through smart search and PC synchronization

Security-Use comprehensive security settings, add-ons and “don’t follow” features to ensure that the Internet browser is safe and private

– Quick start, fast loading and page browsing
– Built-in multi-touch
– Full screen setting support menu
– Easy to add notes
– Zoom button can be hidden in settings
– Download management
– New website
– Download and try more exciting features!

Main Features
– Simple design
– Fast video download
– Cloudless cloud acceleration
– A special place
– Data storage S
– Useful tools
– Toggle tab on the toolbar
– Browse SafeSearch
– Bad advertisement
– Video playing in the background
– The website can be customized
– Watch videos offline

Browser – Adblock & Private Browser – Latest Version

Simple design
– There is no data flow, no push messages, and the simple but sophisticated design provides you with a clean and relaxing browsing experience.

Fast video download
– Our server has improved the download speed and stability. By setting a high charging chain, the charging speed can be significantly increased.

Free cloud accelerator
– Free Cloud Accelerator can help you browse websites and watch videos from all over the world anytime, anywhere.

Special place
– Users can hide videos or files downloaded online, encrypt them with passwords, and create private spaces.

– UC Browser Turbo can help you manage your data budget using less mobile data Whether you want to download or watch UC Turbo, 90% of the data will always be saved.

A useful toolkit
– Using serial tools such as status loader, network speed test, and image search, you can control it just by running YouTube.

Browser – Adblock & Private Browser – Latest Version

Toggle tab on the toolbar
– This is a special feature that saves time and provides you with smooth movement. Simply slide your finger on the toolbar to quickly switch between tabs. Enable and disable functions have now been added!

Advertising blog
– The advertising function can prevent various forms of advertising from affecting your browsing experience. You can also manually mark them to prevent future style ads.

Video playing in the background
– It supports a tab, even in anonymous mode, you can play the video in the background. When you perform other operations, you can listen to the video.

HD Wallpapers
– Set your favorite picture as your phone’s wallpaper and share it on social forums with one click.

The website can be customized
– You can make a decision on your website. Bookmark your site (add site to previous bookmarks) or delete all included sites to get the original site You can also set your own image as a unique wallpaper. it’s up to you.

Browser – Adblock & Private Browser – Latest Version

Watch videos offline
– Upload your favorite videos in advance so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere, even offline.

Multilingual support
– You have multiple languages. Choose the appropriate language for accessibility navigation.

Night mode
– The night mode is very convenient, making your night navigation easier.


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