Blue WhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

Blue WhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

Blue WhatsApp Plus for Android is the latest version of the popular and best messaging app for mobile devices. It also offers one-to-one chatting, which is a great option for chatting to your friends. With this innovative text and picture messaging app, you will not miss any message.

The advanced picture and video recording options in this text and voice calling program further enhances its usability. Here are few features of Blue WhatsApp Plus for Android:

Blue WhatsApp Plus For Android

If you are looking for the latest and most stylish messenger app, Blue WhatsApp Plus for Android is the perfect choice for you. This text and picture messaging program come with high end features like advanced image and video recording options, multiple user profiles and unlimited file transfer and file sharing. You can download this app from the Google play store or through the internet.

You can find a lot of entertainment and fun in BlueWhatsApp. This text and voice calling app has several features like instant messenger, group chat, video conferencing, and photo viewer.

Blue WhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

You can use this amazing messaging app to exchange files with your friends. You can even send pictures and videos with this messaging app. Apart from these features, this wonderful app has several other exciting features such as weather, news, calendar, games, and RSS feeds.

BlueWhatsApp is a free messenger app which is perfect for all people who don’t want to pay monthly bills for a messaging service. You can send unlimited messages, photos and files.

You will also get an opportunity to earn rewards that will help you buy gifts for your friends and loved ones. Moreover, you can also make new contacts and share files with your peers easily.

This app is a part of the portfolio of HTC, which is a leading phone manufacturer. In this regard, this app is a superior option when compared to MMS or Short Message Service (SMS). You can easily send text and multimedia messages to the people who are on board your flight. Moreover, HTC Sense provides several unique features that can be customized according to individual needs.

Blue WhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

These include HTC Sense Quick Panel, HTC Remote, HTC Hub, HTC Browser, HTC Connect, HTC Zoe, and HTC Live Wallpapers. You will also be able to download music, TV shows, movies, and news from the internet.

You can chat with your friends at any time, anywhere. BlueWhatsApp also features a variety of messaging features which include group chat, threaded chat, video chat, voice message, and screen sharing.

In addition to all the messaging options, this amazing app also gives you an opportunity to connect with your Facebook friends. With this messaging tool, you can chat with your close friends even when you are on the move.

HTC Wildfire allows you to connect to the web using your Wi-Fi connection. You can easily access your email and perform your online shopping with just a few clicks of the mouse. In this way, you can get all your work done on the go. You can also manage your bank account, contacts, calendar, and TFT display.

The Blue WhatsApp Plus For Android handset also has a widget that enables users to share their news with their friends. This widget is available as an add-on and can be downloaded from HTC Wildfire’s official homepage.

Blue WhatsApp For Android | Free Download Apk

The widget enables you to share your news with friends by clicking one of the buttons present on the newsfeed. If you want to manage your email in a better way, you can download the HTC Mailbox application from HTC Wildfire’s official site. The HTC Mailbox allows you to store your email data in one safe place, making it easier to retrieve any information from your inbox.


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