AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

Block your apps via interface or block with active alarm

Protect your privacy by blocking WhatsApp, Facebook, photos or any activities you want.

Choose the color you want

Set up connection alerts for your app. Now, when they try to access without permission, an access notification can be triggered.

Set the test number that did not fail and set the alarm.

Applock provides you with an easy, effective and reliable way to create block programs. Closing your application will no longer be a problem.

AppLocker just assures you that you are installing the application and disables it by selecting the software you like.

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

Set a lock bar or pin to disable programs that you have made private so that Applock can save the lock in a location where it can be opened on the system.

If you want to maintain the playability of the software key or game key, this powerful lock allows you to access.

* With Apple, you will never complain:
* Because friends will borrow money to play your Android!
* Because your friends don’t browse your apps!
* Why would anyone read the secret about what you posted!

Your child will change the settings on the phone, pay for the game and cause disaster!

Not because your boyfriend is also monitoring your TV ratings!

The only authorization required to monitor program availability is the requested authorization.

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

The scanner will not enter the requested personal information and permissions Trust and defend the plan.

Protect your communications and social networks to make your life better without having to worry about their role.

☞ Applock can close Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, contacts, Gmail, settings, login and any applications you want. Avoid unauthorized access and confidentiality. Make sure you are protected.

☞ Applock can hide images and videos. Hidden images and videos are lost from the gallery and can only be seen in photos and videos. Easily protect your memory No pins, no way.

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

☞ Applock only has a keyboard and an invisible key. No need to worry about people looking at pins or patterns. Safety!

☞ With the App Store, you can:
Never worry that your parents have confirmed Snapchat, your TickTock!

☞ Don’t worry about lending your phone to friends to use your smartphone to play games!

☞ Don’t worry that any colleague will check your phone in this conversation!

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

☞ Don’t worry about others reading the content you posted in the program!

☞ Don’t worry about kids wandering around, send wrong messages and play games again!


• The screen lock function is a password, tape or window.
• Ault Vault: hide photos and videos
• The theme is professionally designed
• Incognito browser: no history
• Private SNS: login to multiple accounts
• Intruder Selfie: View photos of the attacker.

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

• Move the preferences and select the desired image
• Your profile: adjust the different categories of eligibility
• Lock time: lock/unlock according to time
• Locker: lock/unlock area
• Hide software program credentials
• Controller protection: Avoid being killed by Applock Task Killer.

• A Meaningless sign: Passwords can hinder people’s entertainment
• Forced cover Switch switch switch (wifi, bluetooth, sync)
• Applock widget: One click to enable/respect Applock
• Fast speed switching: key/open in the notification bar
• With lock system to prevent children from making noise
• Only a limited edition is required no password, password and fingerprint required
• Delete browsing application
• Memory uses less memory.
• Energy saving strategy

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

Applock uses the permissions of the device administrator.

To improve security, please make sure that Applock is the “device administrator” It is only used to prevent hackers from closing the program.

AppLock – With Intruder Alarm For Android

Use Applock certified apps.
To enter the power saving mode, please allow access to the software.

This function is only used to remind users who cannot download the application and reduce battery usage.


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