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APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

How to use APK Editor for professional applications

The application editor will capture / share / update all Apple APKs installed on your device and list all APKs stored on the SD card.

IDE is a nerd that can generate APKs on an Android phone / tablet. The structure is easy to maintain. Proprietary files or other file types for Apple devices.

Enjoy a good family user environment and follow design elements.

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

Easy to open and remove APK from Google Apple. If you want to take advantage of the Apple app published in this code, this is the best APK Pro Pro 2009. It’s very easy to write code now.

Physical Existence:

Fast and easy to use.
☆ The new APK gives you the package name, location and installation date of the APK file, MD5 APK file, SHA-1 signature, permissions, UID, Shared UID, small steps in the API, target components of API, tasks, tasks Jars and libraries can also be installed.

You can identify this place.
• Download Pro from your phone and create a project number to share the APK with your friends.
• Open and view all of your previously created products.

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

Update in APK format.
▪Cultural values ​​donated to the program.
▪Community building pairs: GUI or command line.

APK software settings you can remove Apk.
• The messaging app displays a list of applications, downloads the installation package, downloads the application, removes it from the SD card, and shares it through social media.

With the messaging app, you can view MD5 APKs, SHA-1 signatures, permissions, UIDs, shared UIDs, specific API levels, API destination levels, events, services, recipients, message parts and more Yes Assistance

App editors or other architecture files are built on Android devices or other architecture files, including Smart APP demos that support multi-language syntax.

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

Enjoy this beautiful APK editor and get to know the users after designing graphics!

Download APK Editor:
Apk Extractor lets you easily create your own Android app.

To use this information please provide us with feedback, overview and follow-up instructions.

APK extractor can analyze possible source code files.

Using this application, you can perform in-depth searches on the APP framework and also extract images from it.

APK editor, you can easily create Android applications without any coding (called APL before installation).

APK editor will extract/share/save the KFA of all the apps you create on the device and display a list of all APKs stored in the SD card.

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

Create your own small application (for example, the flashlight sample application is only about 20,000 compared to other applications on the market).

Use scripts to cut down your construction strategy and make your ideas come true

Photo APK/App allows you to sort your favorite photos in one app.

Main Features :

– Quick and easy to use.
– APK Installer provides you with package name, APL file location and installation date, APAD MD5 file, SAAA-1 signature, permissions, UID, shared UID, minimum API level, API level target, component information (activities, services, recipients) And suppliers)).

– You can install .jar and libraries
– You can display the log;
– You can create multiple projects and create an APP on your phone, then install it on your phone and share the APP with your friends.

APK Editor Pro – App Editing APK For Android

– Open and display all the projects you created in the past at the same time.
– The application has been released in apk format
– Settings can be adjusted
– 2 built-in environments: GUI or command line
– Quick search for file name or file content


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