Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

A place with stories that can make you happy every day.

History has been downloaded 120 million times worldwide.

More than 2.4 million users scored a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 and commented.

Add recent history records every day, including videos, pictures, drawings, pictures and clocks.

Different types of OKGS history records.
Real-time display] Find the real clock with animation in the background.

Real-time history] Set the background through real-time video.

[Photo] Check out our images and images that suit your interests.

[Gallery] Admire our galleries, which are created by famous designers from all over the world.

Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

Five exciting points of ch Chiku story

[From the creator] Upload and try to sell the photos and videos you created.

[My taste] Learn about interesting food labels and the background of producers.

[My Favorites] Click “Like” on your favorite work and save it in your space.

Personal Profile] Tell users around the world that you have created profiles that match your interests.

[Enjoy] View the profiles of people with similar tastes and interact with comments and messages.

Promise the backlog of stories! People check their computers, smartphones and tablets more than ten times a day.

This is why the home screen and the home screen background are important to all of us.

The background is our past travels with relatives, our friends and pets, and life partners.

Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

We should change the background regularly in order to update or add pictures in the style you choose.

Our background may not be as good as the photos from your heart But we must not forget that story.

We will do our best to provide you with valuable experience every day.

Application for authorization to use pre-installed consent software

[WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: This history record needs to be stored in the user’s device storage.

[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: You can check the saved background and include images selected from the user’s album.

Natural image editor background changes and drafts:

This application allows you to change the background of the photo with natural background.

Add beautiful stamps, write names or articles, save, create photos and share photos with social media.

Software software function:

Magic: Automatically delete:
One-click background removal

Insert manually:
Wipe the bottom of your finger

Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

Repair cost
Download clean background with finger

Minimize, undo and redo
Get the right quality

Save share
– Save and share on social media

This application allows you to perform the following operations:

– Remove the background of the photo
– Make the background of the image transparent.
– Add natural background
– Delete the unwanted part of the photo
– Cut the image and paste it into other images
– Blur the extra part of the photo

Use nature photo editor and 2020 photo background to make your photos beautiful and memorable.

How the program is used
Select an image from the gallery or delete it from the camera.

Delete it manually using the removal tool Touch the unwanted part of the image to delete it

Use the abundance tool to remove the perfect fit.

Use magic tools to automatically cut cations

Add natural background or add gallery image, blur or background color. B.G. Paint color. Use buttons.

Amazing Background – For Video Editing On KineMaster

Click the sticker button to add a sticker Apply your favorite photo effects.

Save your creation Share via 10 social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp). and many more.


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