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Adobe Lightroom Pro – Photo Editor And Pro Camera For Android

Adobe Lightroom Pro – Photo Editor And Pro Camera For Android

Learn new photo editing skills anytime, anywhere through interactive tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free and powerful photo editor and camera. This allows you to take pictures and helps you capture and modify beautiful images.

With simple image editing tools (such as sliders or photo filters), photo editing becomes easy. No matter where you are, retouch photos in full resolution, apply photo filters or start editing photos.

Turn the original photo into one of the most intuitive photo editing programs in the world. Just click and drag the track bar to add light and color, apply photo filters to photos and more.

Use these basic photography tools to bring life to life to edit your photography.

Add light and color to the photo to make it pop.
The easy-to-use slider allows you to control the properties of the photo, even on the phone screen.

Adobe Lightroom Pro – Photo Editor And Pro Camera For Android

Using harvesting and rotating tools, you can find the size and aspect ratio to better show the performance of the machine.

Create outstanding straight-line photos by adjusting the image perspective using powerful correction and geometric tools. Try the photo version to compare different edits without losing the original photo and choose the look you like.

Access all your principles everywhere. Image editing on one device is automatically applied to other devices.

– An advanced image editor can help you fine-tune the details.
– Control the image through selective adjustments.
– Touch “Brush Repair” to delete almost everything in the photo.
– As part of selective editing, local color adjustment means you can even accurately change the color and saturation to bring the photo to life.

Adobe Lightroom Pro – Photo Editor And Pro Camera For Android

Be inspired by interactive tutorials and learn how to make the most of the photo editor by completing step-by-step tutorials written by other photographers.

– Use predefined image filters and unlimited personalization options to quickly prepare for professional photo editing. Presets make every step of photo editing visible, so you can learn by yourself.

– Become a more creative photo editor. Combined with the principle, you can perfectly reproduce your favorite photo effects with just one click at a time.

The unique phone camera controller releases your photography potential.
Choose from exposure, timing, instant preset, original, and more. Use professional and HDR shooting modes to better control photography.

Adobe Sensei uses AI capabilities to tag and organize photos based on objects or people.

A quick search for “mountains” or “Maria” will show all relevant pictures. Use useful organization tools such as ratings and tags so that you can tag and group your favorite photos.

Group albums allow you to invite others and collect photos of everyone in one place. Share your creative process with other users in the “discovery” section of the app so they can understand you from start to finish.

The bright gallery displays your photos online Easily sync photo edits, so any changes you make are always up to date

Adobe Lightroom Pro – Photo Editor And Pro Camera For Android

Adobe clothing creators with limited storage without work:
– For photography fans, Lightroom image editor is the best cloud-based service.
– Retouch your photos in full resolution and keep the originals and edited content in the cloud, available anytime, anywhere.
– The required keywords are automatically applied to help categorize the photos without tagging.

capabilities currently support Raw HDR raw recording mode, including but not limited to the following devices:-Samsung S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 5.


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