A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

Here, the app comes with music and colorful characters to help your child learn the English alphabet! An excellent game that teaches children to learn the English alphabet and helps write letters.

Are you looking for a fun, free and simple educational application to help your child learn Pinyin and word cards in alphabetical order?

Alphabet for Kids Abc is a free phonetic and alphabet learning application that makes learning fun for children from toddlers to kindergartens and kindergartens. It contains various follow-up games to help children determine the shape of letters, associate them with sounds, and use their knowledge of letters in interesting exercises.

Any toddler, preschooler or school child can learn English and English letters by following the arrows with their fingers In this kid-friendly kids app, they focus on reading and writing English letters

– A variety of early education applications that can help children learn English letters

– Includes mini games, audio parallel, book comparison, questions, quizzes, etc.

– Must follow, listen and match uppercase and lowercase letters

– Learning alphabet games: Your child will be busy in the ABC playground and play with these endless colorful characters and enjoy alphabet songs.

– The preschool memory game is designed to read the letters on a high-resolution flash card arranged in alphabetical order Complete 4 year old educational game

– Children’s Alphabet Abc Fun Free-Abc pre-school game app makes children’s learning easy and fun

– The alphabet contains English letters from A to Z, as well as questions and memory games for children

– Alphabet game for kids-English kindergarten learning app for children aged 2-4

A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

– Letter Alphabet-It is easy and fun to learn and view children’s letters and letters with ABC cards through large card games

– Alphabetical voice teaching application-will help preschoolers and toddlers recognize letters through an easy-to-use and simple user interface, and help build memory

– Includes songs in alphabetical order, which is very helpful to help baby’s brain development to learn faster

– The alphabet voice learning app is designed to learn things in a really fun way that is different from native English speakers and native English-speaking children

– Children’s reading games-including children’s educational games, games and free questions for preschoolers, helping children’s writing and learning

– Children’s alphabet is ABC, it’s very easy to teach children sounds and tracking games

– Memory games to cultivate children’s concentration and understanding

– Kids alphabet learning sounds app will keep your kids happy, learning and calm in cars, restaurants, airplanes or anywhere

– Read, play, read and use letters. Very educational, making it easy for children to read the sounds of human letters

– An educational game for the first grade, which contains simple, big and beautiful ABC words for children, easy to remember

– A to Z with good pronunciation and interesting graphics. This is an educational and fun game that kids can play

– Children learn quickly through play Kids learning alphabet entertainment is an attractive communication game where your child can develop visual communication skills and visual skills.

A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

– Children’s phone games can help the vocabulary generator improve letters and memory

– Excellent alphabet game for kids with toddler ABC memory card

Use this application to learn the alphabet for preschool kids games. A fun game for kids aged 5, 6 and their families to learn letters, spelling, pronunciation, objects and animals with puzzles, pictures and pictures.

You can choose to learn English letters, Russian letters, Spanish letters (alfabetoespañol), Portuguese letters (Alfabeto Português) for writing and pronunciation activities.

Learn children’s games and enhance drawing skills by writing books and linking sports through review and promotion of reading.

The abc game is a preschool game for children, which can help identify vowels and consonants and increase vocabulary.

Now that textbooks are no longer boring, parents will be happy to know that their children can see animals, colors and names. Choose a foam in the bathroom to enhance study and school preparation.

Reading books and their names, guessing different objects and animals will help your child remember and talk, and the letters behind the letters will help him get used to writing.

The playground feels like a comfortable home, with brightly colored carpets, games on the floor and children’s drawings on the walls to create a quiet and safe environment.

The children’s game introduces a vocabulary and children can choose a book to practice. After unlocking by performing all the activities (including reading, tracking and guessing), the remaining characters will be available, otherwise, the parents only need to invest a small amount of money to unlock the letters of one parent.

To start learning the first part of the game, select the square in the upper right corner.

A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

The funny voice narrator will say words and display cards with objects so that children can easily remember the relationship between objects and letters and their pronunciation.

For boys and girls who like to draw and read, phone sketching is the next fun activity! In order to remember the correct alphabetical order, children must trace the letters.

Thanks to good memory and revision skills, the game provides a way to draw uppercase and lowercase letters, so you can remember the letters, pick up the candy and go to the next task, where the letters must be placed in the correct position Putting the letters on the incision is the reason for the baby’s movement and development.

The next area is a cozy kitchen with a wooden cabinet for animals. The task is the same as the first task, the child must match the role and object.

A To Z Electronic Alphabet – For Using Videos

A free learning game for children, it can be used in school to entertain and teach children to write letters, spelling and sound alphabets in their native and foreign languages


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