2nr Darmowy Drugi Numer Second Local Number APK

2nr Darmowy Drugi Number Do you know that a smartphone can have multiple phone numbers?

When using this application, no matter which carrier, each SIM card can use up to 3 additional numbers. You no longer need a SIM card or smartphone to get more phone numbers.

You will immediately receive another number on your SIM card without any formalities or ordering. Enjoy the features of your phone with a free mobile app.

2Number is a free calling app that lets you use up to 3 other numbers on your phone. Regardless of the operator that provides basic telecommunications services, other numbers are free of charge and unnecessary contracts or obligations.

Do I have to remain anonymous online and write a phone number?

Do you want to show yourself in an ad or poster: in an apartment, car or bike.

Are there many special offers on mobile apps?

Save a personal local phone number for yourself and your loved ones-use 2nr and get an extra contact number!

Number 2: The contract is a new toll-free number, and those without a SIM card are toll-free numbers, so you don’t have to pay for roaming. Move unnamed numbers for password recovery and service activation. The private phone number you use when you need 100% free service is just an internet connection. Get the app for free

The seed you deserve

✔ completely unknown

✔ Security-Your personal number will not fall into the hands of others. Numbers use temporary numbers, delete them if you don’t need them. SMS is an application that supports SMS and MMS

✔ Voicemail and personal notifications-Voicemail can be stored in a call, and the application notifies you of missed and incoming messages.

✔ Call all your call logs, SMS / MMS-you can save or delete; your choice is yours! SMS invitation sent as SMS

Ability to send missed calls as a reminder to everyone you want to contact. The number specifies the busy tone (name, color, available date and time). using an application with at least two numbers in the SIM card

Drug Numer-2nr is a free mobile chat application that allows you to have multiple phone numbers on your phone at once. With the tools provided, you can include up to 3 other phone numbers on the same SIM card, regardless of the carrier.

Imagine you don’t have to buy a new smartphone or look for a model with the Dual SIM option. With the suggested app, you can use some mobile numbers on your current device.

No form and hesitation; you will get a new number immediately. Cool and practical, isn’t it?

Application Focus:

Your operator has no additional costs, obligations, or contracts. Just download the app and enjoy all the benefits of having two or more mobile numbers in your device. Special wait

There are more opportunities than just some. Open the next level of freedom and you can do it now.


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