YouTube Video Downloader will analyze the video and present the available formats for it. Choose the format you want and move to a new window to view the video. Click the vertical ellipsis and hit “Download” to save the video. On the left side of the opened window, you will see your downloaded video. Double-clicking the file will open the video on your default media player. You can now enjoy watching the downloaded video whenever you like!

YouTube to Video Downloader | Download Youtube Videos for Free


You can YouTube Video Downloader with KeepVid by adding a bookmarklet to your browser. This browser extension can speed up the downloading process. KeepVid is compatible with mobile web sites.

To install it, open your bookmarks and drag the Keepvid bookmarklet to the page you want to download. You can then choose where you want to download the video and click the “Download” button. This bookmarklet will then automatically copy the video’s URL to Keepvid.

Another KeepVid alternative is Vidmate. This app was originally designed to YouTube to Video Downloader, and it introduced its video download feature in 2015. It is compatible with various sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

It also automatically downloads videos in 720p, regardless of the format. This YouTube downloader supports 7 audio and video formats, and it lets you select which parts of the video you want to download.

Aside from YouTube, KeepVid supports 27 different online video streaming websites. Its user-friendly interface lets you download multiple videos at a time. It offers a high-quality download, with no size limit and no ads.

It also lets you choose the quality you want. KeepVid can even download 4K video! In addition to downloading videos, KeepVid also helps you manage the downloaded videos.

Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet YouTube to Video Downloader software allows you to download videos from 10000+ websites, including Google’s YouTube. The downloader also supports conversion of downloaded videos to popular formats, including MP3, WMV, AVI, MOV, and WMV-X. You can also download videos from 100+ online video websites, including Netflix, Vimeo, and many more. The software requires free hard disk space.

The software is free to download, but there is a paid version available too. TubeGet lets you download videos from more than 100 websites, including YouTube, and includes a YouTube to Video Downloader and converter that lets you convert videos into formats compatible with your devices.

It even supports closed captions. The program is available in Windows and Mac versions. Gihosoft TubeGet YouTube to video downloader has a simple and straightforward interface.

While Gihosoft TubeGet does require some prior configuration, it does not hog your system resources. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive settings allow you to download up to five videos at one time.

It’s free for Windows, Mac, and Android phones, and requires no paid accounts. Gihosoft TubeGet is easy to use and has a great reputation among downloading tools. Check out the demo version today!

Gihosoft TubeGet is a free YouTube to Video Downloader. It works with most social media websites and extracts audio tracks. You can also convert videos into different file extensions, and even make backups!

There is no need to buy a premium version when Gihosoft TubeGet is free! Get a free copy of Gihosoft TubeGet YouTube to video downloader today!


The ClipConverter YouTube to Video Downloader has a lot to offer. This tool is an Add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It can download YouTube videos in high definition and convert them into popular video formats for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Its easy-to-use interface will let you easily download videos for various devices. It also lets you record videos and save them in various formats, so you can listen to them offline.

The ClipConverter YouTube to Video Downloader lets you save any online video in MP3 or any other format. After installing the software, you can simply go to the video’s page and click “Download”. The video will be saved in the “Downloaded” panel.

You can then open the downloaded video from here. You can then listen to the MP3 with the MP3 player. If you wish to download the MP3 version, simply visit the YouTube to MP3 downloader website.

Xenra is another great YouTube to Video Downloader. It supports a variety of services, including Dailymotion, CollegeHumor, Metacafe, TwitVid, Vimeo, and TED. Its interface is clean and user-friendly, and its options are numerous.

You can choose the file name and quality and download the video to your device. ClipConverter also lets you download the converted file to MP3.

Freemake Video Downloader

The Freemake YouTube to Video Downloader is a powerful application that lets you download videos from YouTube in a variety of formats. It allows you to paste the video’s URL and it will automatically begin downloading. It will also give you the details of the file, such as its duration and link source.

You can also customize the settings of the downloaded movie, including the video file extension and the output saving folder. If you’re not satisfied with the results of a download, you can email the software support for help.

This free software features fast download and conversion speeds, which will allow you to enjoy online videos. Freemake allows you to download videos to various output formats and convert them to various file formats. It can perform multiple simultaneous downloads and batch downloads.

It also allows you to pause and play the downloaded videos, and you can even block adult videos if you want. This is a very useful tool for those who love watching YouTube videos, but it’s not perfect for everyone.

The Freemake YouTube to Video Downloader also supports downloading single videos. After selecting a video, click the download icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can even select a quality or convert the video to another format, if you wish.

This Mac-compatible tool is the most popular YouTube to Video Downloader, with over 93 million users worldwide. Freemake offers options to hide video thumbnails. It also allows you to save hidden files.


If you want to convert videos from YouTube to a different format on your mobile device, you need to use the SnapTube YouTube to Video Downloader.

This application enables you to download videos from various sources, including Facebook and Instagram. You can browse through your timeline or search for videos by artist. Once you have found a video that you’d like to download, you can tap the download button.

The download process is free, but you’ll notice a few ads in the app. This is a minor problem, however, since most video downloading applications come with advertising, so you need to be willing to pay a few dollars for the app.

You can YouTube to Video Downloader in MP4 or MP3 format. This app works even if the video is protected by a password. You can choose to download the video in a variety of file formats, such as FLV and MP3.

You can select how many videos you’d like to download and organize them by category. The app even features a night mode. With a simple tap, you can download a video or audio from several sites in a single session. You can even create playlists from videos in your downloaded files.

The SnapTube YouTube to Video Downloader is known for its ability to download YouTube videos. Its interface is similar to that of the YouTube app. Just enter the video name, select it and tap on the download button.

It takes a few seconds to download the video. You can then save it to your mobile device. It is an effective YouTube to Video Downloader for Android. However, the app does have some issues. Here are some fixes:

WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX YouTube to Video Downloader is an easy-to-use tool for downloading videos from YouTube. Its interface is simple and easy to use, with just a few functions located on the upper toolbar.

You can add video URLs and select the format of your choice. Once you have selected the format, you can start the download process in seconds. The program also includes a preview function. It is also capable of capturing screenshots.

The WinX YouTube to Video Downloader also lets you download several videos at once. Just add videos in the same direction and click the “Download” button. You can stop the download in the middle and save multiple videos.

You can also convert videos to other formats, such as MP3 or WMV. If you want to play imported content offline, you can do so with this tool.

The download process can also be batch-processed. Once you have imported your desired content, you can watch it later.

Another great feature of WinX YouTube to Video Downloader is that it works with a wide range of video hosting websites. The program will analyze the video link and display various formats that can be downloaded.

Most people will use MP4 as this format works with most of their video players. The MP4 format is easy to transfer and change, and the program will automatically convert downloaded videos for you. It is also compatible with 4K resolution. It is a freeware, safe, and reliable application. You won’t be bothered by ads or annoying pop-ups.

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