December Global Holidays | December Global Festivities 2022

December Global Holidays | December Global Festivities 2022

december global holidays

Whether you’re looking for a way to celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa, December is a month filled with festivities around the world. Here are a few of the most notable December Global Holidays, including Boxing Day, Human Rights Day, Kwanzaa, and St. Stephen’s Day.

  1. Krampusnacht
  2. St. Nicholas Day
  3. Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  4. Hanukkah
  5. St. Lucia Day
  6. Santa Lucia
  7. Las Posadas
  8. Winter Solstice
  9. Festivus
  10. Christmas
  11. Kwanzaa
  12. Omisaka
  13. New Year’s Eve

If you’re in the mood to spend some quality time with loved ones, December is the month for you! With all of these celebrations to choose from, December is sure to be a blast.

Boxing Day : December Global Holidays

In addition to the popular New Year’s Day and Christmas, December also has some popular global holidays. Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve are just some of the holidays that happen in different countries throughout the month.

The following information outlines the December Global Holidays 2022. The December holidays are based on the rules and customs of each country.

If you want to plan your travels for the holidays in December, consider booking them ahead of time.

Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December in many countries associated with the British empire.

The holiday originally involved giving gifts to the lower class in exchange for their service. However, it has evolved into an important shopping holiday and one of the biggest days of the year for returning Christmas gifts. In some countries.

Boxing Day is also celebrated by servants to give them a day off and celebrate Christmas. In many countries, Boxing Day is the busiest shopping day of the year.

Canada celebrates Boxing Day by celebrating with sales. Some stores are even having online sales.

Another holiday in Canada is Covid Day, a day when shoppers have to wear masks and stay two metres away from other customers. In the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, Boxing Day is a day for sports. In Britain, rugby and football are popular sports, and New Zealanders also celebrate Omisoka, a traditional New Year’s celebration that involves eating noodles and other traditional foods.

Human Rights Day

The day is an opportunity to commemorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was drafted by representatives of diverse regions and legal traditions, and it has been endorsed by virtually every state.

Today, Human Rights Day celebrates a number of important milestones, including the liberation of slaves, racial equality, and the right to choose one’s religion.

The day also promotes the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly and other international organizations in protecting human rights around the world.

This day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Although it is not legally binding.

It has inspired the development of dozens of human rights instruments in countries around the world.

Moreover, it serves as an international standard for human rights. It was only later that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by a majority of nations. As a result, Human Rights Day is celebrated worldwide.

Human rights are basic rights that every human being should enjoy. This basic right is not merely a matter of gender, race, or religion.

It extends to economic, social, and cultural equality. As humans, we should all act in a brotherly manner. The term “human rights” has inspired more than 60 human rights documents and legally binding treaties.

For example, the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights protects civil and political rights. The United States has signed the Covenant.


African-American community members have long celebrated Kwanzaa, one of the December global holidays, as an opportunity to celebrate life.

It is celebrated from 26 December to 1 January, and is centered around seven principles and five common values.

These principles are expressed through the use of Kiswahili words. Each day is dedicated to one of these principles.

Some families will choose to decorate in appropriate colors, such as red and green, and make homemade gifts.

The holiday has a rich history of symbolism, focusing on the concept of communal development and collective responsibility.

Some rituals include a libation to remember ancestors, drinking from a unity cup, and exchanging gifts to show gratitude.

Children are considered the future of any community, and they are responsible for passing along cultural values to future generations.

This is a secular holiday, but the rituals and festivities are rooted in culture.

Many countries celebrate the December Global Holidays. December is an excellent time to get together with family and friends and enjoy life to the fullest.

Take the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the holidays and find the most meaningful ones. Kwanzaa, for example, is a celebration of the African people’s culture. As a result, it is an ideal time to give gifts to loved ones and remember the importance of unity.

St. Stephen’s Day: December Global Holidays

On the 26th of December, the world commemorates the martyrdom of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

His body was carried to Jerusalem, where he was put on display, and his casket was transported to Constantinople and Rome in the 6th century.

The remains of this saint were viewed as healing articles, and countries throughout the world requested to hold these relics within their borders.

Today, many countries list St. Stephen’s Day as an official public holiday. Most people who celebrate St. Stephen’s Day spend this day with their close family and friends, usually eating together.

The name of the holiday is derived from the practice of giving gifts to household servants on this day. In Ireland, this holiday is often called Wren Day because people wore wreaths of candles and wore wren feathers, as a symbol of good luck. In the United Kingdom, many people also give small gifts to household servants. In many countries, the tradition of giving gifts to household servants continues today.

St. Stephen’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. Western churches celebrate St. Stephen’s Day on December 26th.

Eastern Orthodox Churches, which use the Julian calendar, celebrate it on December 27th. During the holidays, Christians are encouraged to participate in church services on St. Stephen’s Day, as it honors the first Christian martyr. Some even attend special sermons on this day.

New Year’s Eve

The first week of December is a time for family, friends and exploration. December is the month that brings the joys of the holidays to everyone.

December also has a major African holiday – Kwanzaa – and is the beginning of Hanukkah. With so many celebrations to attend and events to attend, December is known as the “world of holidays.”

In most countries, the celebrations last into the early morning hours of January 1, and revelers generally eat foods believed to bring them good luck.

Grapes, for example, are said to bring good luck. Legumes, on the other hand, are believed to bring financial success. For the most part, New Year’s celebrations are very similar to Christmas, with a few differences.

In many cases, the main difference between the two holidays lies in the customs and traditions associated with them.

While not widely celebrated in every country, New Year’s Eve is an important holiday for people all over the world.

People across the globe celebrate this holiday to say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one. For many, it’s an opportunity to set goals for the new year.

People spend time with family and friends, while others enjoy special food and drink. For Londoners, New Year’s Eve is a time to enjoy dinner and music, as well as the sight of fireworks.

Saint Lucy’s Day

Historically, St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated on the 13th day of December. Although it predates the Gregorian calendar, it is still celebrated by both Catholics and Protestants in Scandinavia.

Saint Lucy’s Day is also associated with Advent, the season when we celebrate Jesus’ birth, and it is celebrated as a day of giving.

It is also a day to remember the sacrifices made by Christians throughout history, and it is also a time to reflect on the virtues of love and community.

In the Roman rite, the Saint Lucy prayer was arranged in the late 6th century. Early in Roman rite history, Pope St. Gregory the Great recognized St. Lucy’s name.

A saint continues their holy work after death, so stories often develop after the saint’s death. Often, images of St. Lucy feature a little girl wearing a candle-lit crown. The history of this crown is fascinating.

Saint Lucia’s Day is celebrated in Sweden as Luciadagen, and is also the start of the Christmas season. In many communities, the oldest girl wears a crown made of whortleberries, and nine lighted CANDLES surround her.

The other girls wear haloes of glittering tinsel. Boys also join the procession. During this day, Sweden also celebrates its shortest day of the year.


During the month of December, temperatures in Malta are typically mild, with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Although temperatures are usually higher than other countries during this time.

It is not uncommon to experience rain or hail. As the island is not particularly well insulated, the climate during the coldest months of the year can be very uncomfortable, making it unsuitable for swimming or sightseeing.

However, the weather is generally pleasant during December, and visitors are likely to enjoy themselves while on vacation in Malta.

Good Friday is a religious holiday in Malta and the following feast is also celebrated on this day.

Good Friday is a time for reflection and the Maltese traditionally take part in elaborate processions that feature statues and locals dressed in period costumes.

The country also celebrates Labour Day, International Workers’ Day, and May Day, which fall on different dates depending on where you live. On the same day, Birkirkara celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph.

St. Peter’s and Paul’s Day are also important Maltese holidays. The Catholic Church celebrates the first two days of November as All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day.

The Maltese celebrate this day with a dedicated mass. Many of the Maltese celebrate the day in different ways, including buying gifts and decorating their homes.

The Maltese are also very eager to celebrate this holy day, and many people take the opportunity to get ready for the upcoming festivities.

December Global Holidays 2022- FAQs

Ans. December month is named as World of Holidays.

Ans. Three Kings Day is celebrated after 12 days of Christmas Eve.

December Global Holidays is a month of celebrations for big festivals including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year, Winter Solstice, and much more

Ans. Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December 2021.

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