Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK – Download New Version 2022

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK - Download New Version 2022

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK has just released a new update for its Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps which brings new features and fixes some bugs from the previous version.

The update comes at the same time as the recently unveiled cross-platform WhatsApp Web version and can be downloaded directly from Google Play or Apple App Store.

The new update doesn’t seem to bring any new major features or improvements but makes the app more user-friendly in terms of design and functionality.

You can read the entire changelog here. Here are some notable changes that were introduced in this release

WhatsApp encrypted chats

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK has updated its app to version 9.30, bringing with it a host of new features and fixes. One of the most notable additions is support for encrypted chats, which will keep your conversations safe from prying eyes.

To enable this feature, simply go to Settings > Chats and Calls > Encryption. You’ll then be able to choose between two options: encrypting all of your chats, or only those with people who also have the feature enabled.

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK has also added a new setting that allows you to control how long messages stay in your chat history. By default, they will be deleted after seven days, but you can change this to one day, two days, or even keep them forever.

Finally, there’s now an option to preview videos before sending them as well as a simple way to share multiple photos at once. And if you’re not a fan of ads interrupting your messaging experience, fear not – these are now blocked by default. In addition, there’s now a small tab on the top right corner of your screen that allows you to quickly switch back and forth between chats without having to go through the process of selecting each individual one.

If you receive a message from someone not saved in your contacts list, just tap the blue info icon to view their profile picture and phone number.

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK has made some improvements to location sharing. If you want to include your location within a text message, just tap on Add Location above the keyboard when composing a message.

How to use WhatsApp Text Filters

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK latest update includes a long-awaited feature for many users – text filters. To use the new text filters, simply open a chat, tap on the three dots in the top right corner and select Text Filters.

From there, you can choose from a variety of options to change the look of your messages. For example, if you want to make them red or green, just select those colors from the color wheel and send away!

You can also add fun sticker overlays like an alien head or even one that looks like Santa Claus with his reindeer sleigh. You can also get creative by adding some cool fonts, frames and more by selecting text style.

All these different text effects are great to have, but it’s not always easy to tell what they do until you try them out. Luckily, when you create a filter it shows a preview so that you know what it will look like before sending it off.

Once you’ve found the perfect filter to fit your needs, go ahead and save it by tapping on Save. That way you’ll be able to access it again later without having to search through all of the others.

The Text Filters are available on both Android and iOS devices running the latest version of Whatsapp. So whether you’re using Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK or Whatsapp v10, this handy new feature is waiting for you!

The Text Filters are available on both Android and iOS devices running the latest version of Whatsapp.

Delete single chats in your WhatsApp history

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK update lets users delete single chats from their history. This is a great way to clean up your chat history and get rid of old conversations you no longer need. To delete a chat, simply long press on it and select the ‘Delete Chat’ option.

You can also now delete group chats by going to the group chat settings and selecting ‘Delete Group’. Finally, this update also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Overall, we think this is a great update that offers some useful new features while also fixing any bugs that existed in previous versions. Let us know what you think about these new updates in the comments below!

Although many people enjoy using Whatsapp, there are plenty of complaints too. Users report frequent issues with connecting to server issues and slow loading speeds.

However, since Whatsapp was bought out by Facebook not much has changed with how the app works and despite promises to bring out new features at least for now WhatsApp seems happy keeping things largely untouched.

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK does have quite a loyal user base though so it makes sense for them not to change too much as for many people around if they love whatsapp then whatsapp will probably always be enough for them.

Remove last seen from all your contacts at once

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK update has arrived, bringing with it a host of new features and fixes. One of the most notable changes is the ability to remove last seen from all your contacts at once. This means you no longer have to individually select each contact to hide your last seen status from them.

Simply go to Settings > Account > Privacy and select the Nobody option. Once this setting is enabled, you will no longer see the last seen indicator on anyone’s name in your chats list.

However, be aware that enabling this feature might make it difficult for others to reach out to you if they want to know if you’re available or not. You can always turn off this privacy setting again by selecting ‘Last Seen’ and selecting the appropriate group of contacts.

Another new addition is the ability to backup chat history via Google Drive. If you enable Chat Backup, any chat data saved in your phone’s memory (including media) will automatically be backed up to your Google Drive account every day.

For instance, if you delete an image from the chat window but not from your phone, it will be saved in your Drive folder for later retrieval.

To back up your chats manually through Google Drive, simply open WhatsApp then tap Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Now under ‘Chat Backup’ tap Enable then next tap Select storage > Choose location (Chose where to save backups).

The app also now supports voice messages over 4 minutes long which are now uploaded as an audio file instead of a video file so there is less space taken up on the phone. Voice messages under 4 minutes long still remain as videos.

Use Mark as Read in bulk

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK

You can now mark multiple chats as read in WhatsApp by selecting them and tapping the ‘Mark as Read’ button. This is a useful feature if you’re managing a lot of conversations and want to quickly clear your notifications.

To use this feature, simply select the chats you want to mark as read, tap the ‘Mark as Read’ button, and confirm. All of the selected chats will then be marked as read. Tap on any one of the chats again to unmark it as read.

We are happy to share that we have fixed an issue with sending messages to multiple recipients when using Add to Group in WhatsApp’s built-in browser.

If someone starts a chat or call with another person who doesn’t respond for more than 24 hours, their status will show last seen instead of online.

Additionally, other improvements include fixing the problem where video sent to some users would not play due to unsupported codecs.

As always, these latest changes are available for Android devices running OS versions 2.3+, iPhone running iOS versions 10+ and Windows Phone 8+. For Mac computers, they can be found on OSX 10.9+. For Windows machines, the updates will work with Windows Vista and above.

Send voice messages as audio files

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK

Fouad WhatsApp v9.30 APK update lets you send voice messages as audio files. This is a great feature for those who want to save their voice messages or share them with others. You can also now see when your contact has read your message, and there are new privacy settings.

This update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements. To download the latest version of WhatsApp on Android go to Settings > Apps > Update Available, on iOS open Settings then tap General > Software Update.

It’s always good to back up any important data before installing an update. If you have automatic updates turned on, then this app will automatically update.

If not, check for updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone or Google Play Store App > My apps & games> Check for Updates. Always remember to backup your phone before updating any software just in case something goes wrong.

When opening the application, it may take some time to process and load all conversations so be patient. Once the application is fully loaded you will notice that your list of conversations is grouped together according to contacts with unread messages displayed first.

Tap on an individual conversation thread to view all available text messages, photos and videos shared between yourself and that particular contact.

Messages shared using other chat applications appear as blue speech bubbles under a chat log that lists all received notifications from chats outside of WhatsApp.

These threads display from most recent at the top down. Tap on any notification or text message displayed here in order to respond or access previous messages sent through WhatsApp for that particular contact.

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